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The Practical Test Explained

The Practical Test is designed to test your knowledge of the highway code, ensuring you give a good, confident & safe drive. As well as the eyesight test your examiner will also ask you some vehicle safety questions.

Eyesight Requirements: To start with you’ll be asked to read a number plate on a stationary vehicle from 20 metres away. If you read the number plate then the test will continue. If you need glasses or contact lenses, wear them. If you remove them, lose them, break them or bring the wrong pair/set to the test. you will fail.

Getting Going: The driving part of the Practical Test lasts about 40 minutes and will include some specific manoeuvres. These include 2 reversing exercises from the following: Reversing around a corner & turning in the road . Reverse parking Involves the examiner giving you directions which you are required to follow. The examiner will be looking for a good, confident & safe standard of driving, including your manoeuvres. You can make up to 15 faults and still pass (16 is a failure). If you commit a SERIOUS or DANGEROUS fault you will fail the test. If you would like your driving instructor to accompany you on the test then please ask the examiner. If you need an interpreter they have to be over 16 and must not be a driving instructor

The final outcome is here. It is the moment you’ve been waiting for. At the end of the Practical Test the examiner will tell you whether you’ve passed or failed. Ask for feedback and the examiner will go through your test performance.

If You Pass, Excellent! Your examiner will ask you if you want your full driving licence issued to you automatically. If you accept, the examiner will take your Provisional Licence, scan the details and send them to the DVLA. The examiner will give you a pass certificate to show you’ve passed your test and the DVLA will send you your new full licence within 3 weeks.

If You Fail Ask the examiner for some feedback so you can go away and prepare for your next test. Your driving report will show you where you made your mistakes. You can re-take your Practical Test 10 days after your first test. Remember, you have to pay again so make sure you listen to your driving instructor and do the required amount of lessons.

You book your theory or driving test by using a Credit Card or Debit Card you’ll need your Driving Licence with you when booking.
You can also book or manage your test appointments ONLINE at:
DSA Telephone Booking Service Booking line 0300 200 1122
Welsh speakers 0300 200 1133
For Hearing Impaired Customers Minicom Theory Test 0300 200 1166
Minicom Practical Test 0300 200 1144
Test Fee’s Theory & Driving Test Fee’s Test fees effective from 01 April 2008

Theory Test for Cars & Motorcycles Fee £31.00
Practical Test for Cars (Learners) Fee £62.00